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IMAGINE:   A peaceful mind and relaxed body as your new normal with improved focus and performance REGARDLESS of what is going on around you.  How great would that be? 

As a Stress Management Expert, I know that relaxation and wellness go hand and hand; you can't have one without the other.  So being stressed out, worried, anxious, restless and poor sleep is not wellness. 


As a young wife and mother who worked in mental health, I suffered from stress-related illness like headaches, migraines, stomach ulcers, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, body aches, blood sugar issues, PTSD, and depression.  For treatment, I sought everything from western medicine (medication) to counseling and eastern-based energy therapies.  What I discovered in my work and my personal life is that we are all being crushed by varing degrees of stress, however most of us are so caught up in routines that we keep pushing our bodies unaware of the degree of physical tension we are holding.  Likewise, we become busy and distracted with work, drugs, alcohol, and technology to numb emotional pain.  Our stressed-out, anxious minds have difficulty focusing. 

I wanted a higher quality of life, I wanted to THRIVE!  So I learned many amazing self-care techniques and I became a Stress Management expert.  I have shared these in workshops and presentations and was contracted under FEMA to train stress relief to First Responders and victims of disasters at disaster locations. 

Peace and Self-care is my passion!  I have over 20 years of experience in what I call Whole Life Therapy for the body, mind, and spirit!  I offer wonderfully relaxing body and energy work.  I facilitate groups and individual transformation with mindfulness and meditation programs.   I can help you to move out of overwhelm so that you can tame stress (and pain), to take back your life naturally!

Who are you without your Stress?    See my report:  How to ROCK your life now, even in the midst of Chaos!

Feel lighter and brighter with tons more energy!  Experience the deep relaxation with:  

  1. Massage to calm the nervous system and relieve muscle pain and tension
  2. Mindfulness and meditation techniques - to still the mind to elicit peace.
  3. Focus, Vision, Affirmation to embody passion and purpose
  4. Energy work - healing of mind and body below the surface.  

I invite you to work with me to uncover the life of freedom that you were born to have!  As a result of this work, you will positively look better, feel better, improve sleep, have tons more energy, and more importantly, wake up excited about the rest of your life!


"Energy is the medicine of the future" - Dr. Oz

My Goal:  To alleviate the symptoms of stress that cause disease and drain energy, so that you can fully embrace optimal health, energy, and happiness!.


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