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ReStart Program

Re-Start Your Journey to Get the Life You Always Wanted: Your Step-by-Step Guide for Making Your Dreams a Reality


  • Do you often feel worried, anxious, or stressed?  
  • Do you seek deeper meaning in your work and relationships? 
  • Ever find yourself asking “Is this all there is?”  or “When is my turn?”.

Well Now You Can:  

  • Find greater joy, happiness, and enthusiasm 
  • Revive those dreams you may have left behind.
  • Discover the real 'you' that you always wanted to bring forth.  

With The Fully Alive to Thrive Program you get a LIFE TRANSFORMED with:

Six Weekly Group Training Sessions 

Sustainable Meditations and Inspirations

Unlimited Support through my Private Forum

Weekly hints and tips to get you thriving

Plus Interactive Guide to Become Fully Alive To Thrive

Personal coaching/energy healing 1 on 1 from me.  





Midlife can be fraught with physical, relational, professional, and psychological changes, making it a very challenging time.  Divorce among the over 50's has more than doubled in this country signifying many are willing to drop that which no longer serves to seek out more rewarding connections. So, midlife can also be a time of awakening; a second chance to have more meaningful relationships, especially romantic ones. 

My marriage ended after 30+ years at the same time as my career, but even as my world turned upside down, I discovered greater joy, freedom, and fulfillment.  The tools I used in my own life transformation have also helped others to find peace and happiness and so, New Leaf Bodyworks, was born.  This method also sustained me through the devastating death of my partner as well as my recovery from a serious accident.  

I specialized in Stress Management and Trauma Recovery in my mental health career.  As a member of the FEMA funded Stress Management Team for First Responders, I designed and implemented programs of mindfulness and meditation which produced rapid results get both flood victims and rescuers of disasters back on track in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Louisiana and floods and fires of Colorado.  I can demonstrate how Bio-Energetics goes beyond traditional methods to get to the root of problems and issues in your life so that healing happens on many levels.  I share knowledge and intuitive insight to restore your joy, freedom, and creativity.  

This energy work transformed my life, freeing me from depression, PTSD, health conditions and limiting beliefs.  I can help you to live as you are meant to, with greater love, joy, and abundance now!   

Whatever your challenge, you can “RE-START” a smooth transition for greater happiness, and passion to make the rest of your life, better than ever!  

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